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Chances are that you’re all too familiar with the phrase “spring cleaning” but you might not know about “fall cleaning”. You see, taking the time to tidy up and clean out your home is an important thing to do before the start of any season. Fall is an especially great opportunity to reset your home because you get to set your household up for success for the busy holiday months ahead. 

Here are some things you can do to get ready for fall and prepare your home for the changing seasons. 

Switch and Store Seasonal Items 

Summer is gone and that means it’s time to pack up the pool toys, summer decor, or other warm weather must-haves until next year. While you are swapping out summer things for fall decor and accessories, take the time to weed out the junk before you pack it away. If you have well-loved items that can’t last another year, there’s no use in storing them over the winter just to throw them away when you unpack them next year.

Get the Yard Ready 

The weather is changing so it’s a good idea to get your yard ready for the colder months that are on their way. Start with trimming the overgrowth of any trees, bushes, or shrubbery on your property and removing fallen leaves from your lawn. Cut your grass one last time and don’t forget to gather any yard waste you’ve collected in the process. 

Get Your Home Ready 

Take this chance to declutter and organize any places that tend to collect a lot of stuff and give your home a onceover by cleaning from the top down. Start by dusting everything, even the areas you tend to ignore like bookcases and shelves. It’s also a great time to tackle any home maintenance you may need to get to like cleaning the gutters and changing your air filter. 

Get Your Junk Hauled Off 

Start this season off with a fresh slate and get rid of some of the junk. Junk has a way of hiding in plain sight, but this is a great opportunity to go through your home, garage, or property and identify things that need to go. It could be yard waste that you’ve been collecting, summer toys that have no life left in them, or outdoor furniture that’s broken or in poor condition. In most cases, a simple trip to the curb will rid you of your junk but if the pile keeps growing, call a professional to take it off your hands. 

The end of the year is a busy time for every household, but giving your home some attention now will make it easier to enjoy the season and everything it has to offer. And if by the end of it you have too much junk, give us a call at  (417) 708-3525 and we’ll do the rest!