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We know all about unwanted items taking up space. While you may not have an old couch or appliance sitting in your yard, chances are that you still have unwanted and unused stuff in your home. Decluttering sounds easy in theory but it is not always as easy as just throwing something away. That is why we put together a mini-guide to help you answer the question “What do I do with all this junk?”

Beware of items that need special disposal 

Before you start throwing things away it is good to remember that there are certain items around the house that need careful disposal. Fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, and rechargeable batteries are just a few examples of items that are considered hazardous waste. As well as being a safety risk, these items can cause serious environmental damage when improperly disposed of.

If you are unsure what to do with a certain item, you will have to do a little research. Many cities have resources on their official websites with recycling and disposal sites for potentially hazardous items. You can also research online for ideas, but we have a few here to get you started:  

Tips on disposing car oil
Home Depot disposal for fluorescent bulbs and batteries

EPA information for disposing batteries

Tire recycling center locations

Donate to shelters and secondhand stores 

Oftentimes decluttering can mean getting rid of perfectly functional things that you simply do not use or need anymore. When it comes to finding a new home for these items look no further than your local shelters or thrift stores. Thrift stores will accept clothing, bedding, electronics, and home goods. It is a good idea to reach out to your local shelter to see what items they are currently accepting.

Sell it online 

Do you want to get rid of those golf clubs you have sitting around but do not want to throw them away? For items of value that you do not seem to have a use for anymore, selling them online can be an easy way to declutter while making back some of your money. Popular apps or websites like Facebook marketplace or craigslist make selling your belongings quick and simple.

Host a yard sale 

It might be old-fashioned but there is a reason it works. A yard sale can be a convenient and easy opportunity to make some money off the items in your house that would be otherwise forgotten about. Most of the items you have are likely to sell, especially if you set a reasonable price. You can sell what you can and at the end of the day, collect everything that did not sell for donation.

But of course, if there is something of yours that no one else wants you can call us to come pick up the junk!