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It is happening! Summer is here and with it comes outdoor gatherings, BBQs and downtime on the deck with a cool drink in your hand. But just like indoor spaces that become cluttered the more we live in them, outdoor spaces need attention too, especially after a long fall and winter. It usually takes a bit of work to get your yard, patio and outdoor entertainment area ready for the fun. 

So how can you declutter and get those outdoor areas ready for summer? Let us talk about it! 

Deep clean outdoor living areas 

Keeping your patio or deck clean makes for a more enjoyable experience but it can also help prevent tracking dirt inside the home. After being forgotten about during the colder months your patio or deck is sure to have a layer of dirt, debris, and junk. And if you used the area to stockpile wood, this is especially important because it can attract critters and unfriendly bugs. Break out the push broom, deck brush or power washer to give your outdoor areas a fresh start for summer.

Yard maintenance 

If you want to start summer off on the right foot, it is time to catch up on your yard maintenance and landscaping chores. Mowing and removing overgrowth are great first steps to getting your lawn and yard back in shape. If these are significant, you might need them hauled away. And if you have a more rigorous lawn care routine, now would be the time to start it. Do not forget to survey your yard tools or equipment at the start of the season to check and see if anything needs repaired. If you find that your tool shed is full of junk and clutter, now is a great time to address that issue, too!

Outdoor entertainment equipment

If you are intending to make use of your outdoor areas for gatherings this year, it is a good idea to invest in them a bit. Treating your family to a new or upgraded grill might seem like a luxury, but it is really a useful tool for outdoor entertainment and family fun. It can also provide some motivation to get up and off the couch this summer! If you want to have guests this summer, take a look at your outdoor furniture. If it shows serious signs of wear and tear, have it hauled away and replace it with something comfortable and weather resistant. 

Do not let summer pass you by just because your outdoor area is not guest-ready! Use the warm weather and promise of fun as motivation to declutter and prepare an outdoor entertainment fun zone. Taking some time now will give you, your family, and friends, a nice space to enjoy all summer long! And if you do not know what to do with that old junk, we are just a call away.