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Not everyone is lucky enough to have sufficient storage space in their home. In some instances, storage units are the only real option to safely store possessions you do not have room for. Sometimes though, storage units become a place to store junk and an unnecessary expense. 

Telling the difference between these two scenarios is not always easy, especially for people that tend to be collectors. Do not worry though, today we are going to talk about it so you can decide if renting a storage unit is necessary. 

Are you saving something you will really use?

We tend to focus on the potential an item has rather than the reality of owning it. This kind of habit can lead to spending a lot of money on items that are fun to think about but are not useful. It is okay to save valuable items or store things that you may use in the future. However, a storage unit full of things that you can only use in hypothetical situations may not be worth the extra expense. Just remind yourself that just because something is functional does not mean you have to keep it. 

Is what you are storing worth keeping?

Storage units are a monthly expense that can really add up over the course of a year. So, when you pay to store items, you are essentially paying a monthly bill to own them. This is a tradeoff that may make sense if the items are valuable, and the situation is temporary. However, inexpensive furniture or items that you can easily repurchase may not be worth the cost of storage. 

Are you saving things longer than you intended to? 

Outgrowing and getting rid of things is a natural process. We do this throughout the year as we notice things around us that no longer seem to work for us. This natural process of pruning things out of our living spaces does not happen to things that are stored. Instead, we end up paying to store things we would naturally have pruned out of our space if it had not been hidden away. So, if you do opt for storage, take inventory of it a few times a year and see if you are storing items, you really do not need. 

Over time it is easy to collect things that no longer serve you. Asking yourself these questions can help you weed out the junk and get organized. And, if you find yourself with more junk than you know what to do with, give us a call at (417) 708-3525. We can have you junk-free in no time!