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It is finally that time of year. The days are getting longer, the flowers are starting to bloom and it’s almost time for everyone’s favorite spring activity – spring cleaning. 

Okay, spring cleaning might be a chore but it is also a great opportunity to declutter and give your home a fresh start for the year. If you don’t have a good track record with spring cleaning, this could be the year you turn it around. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do it alone. We have some handy spring-cleaning tips to set you up for success. 

Set some goals 

Before you start your spring-cleaning journey, it’s a good idea to set some goals and think about what you want to achieve. Is there an area of the home that needs special attention, such as overflowing closets that need to be thinned out? Whatever it might be, keeping your goals in mind can help you stay on track and concentrate your effort in the right place. This also lets you focus your energy and time where it is most beneficial. 

Stick to a plan

Knowing where to start is sometimes the hardest part of cleaning and decluttering. One way to fix this is to have a general method for cleaning each room. For example, you can start by decluttering surfaces before moving to more detail-oriented tasks, like dealing with drawers and cabinets. This can help you make quick progress without requiring you to spend time figuring out where to begin. 

Organize the junk 

Getting rid of junk usually starts with sorting out what’s junk and what is not. More often than not, this cleaning stage leads to piles of clothes and toys that you don’t know what to do with. One way to avoid this is to have different boxes dedicated to charity donations, safe storage, or garbage. This can help contain the mess and makes it easier to transport and get rid of.

Enlist some help 

Do not be afraid to get the whole family in on the fun, after all, it’s their home too. Having some extra hands can help speed up the process and teach the importance of taking care of shared space. If your family needs a little incentive to participate, you can turn it into a fun day by turning on some music and ordering a pizza. 

Ways to make spring cleaning easier

 We know it is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of work. You can make spring cleaning a bit easier if you: 

  • Make sure you have everything you need before you start such as cleaning supplies, trash bags, sponges, boxes for donations and anything else you regularly use for cleaning. 
  • Start high and work your way to lower areas of each room to avoid the need to re-clean surfaces. For example, start by dusting ceiling fans and top shelves before you dust counters or vacuum. 
  • Set a time limit for each room to keep you on track and motivated. This can also keep you from losing focus and taking trips down memory lane as you clean out closets and drawers. 
  • Use a safe multi-purpose cleaner as much as possible so you don’t have to continually switch cleaning products to handle different surfaces. Just make sure the cleaner is safe for the surface before you start. 

Spring cleaning looks different in every household and some of these tips may work better for your home than others. It’s okay, there is no right or wrong way. The important thing is that you’re taking time to care for your home so you can enjoy it more in the year ahead.  Of course, if by the end of the day you still have too much junk on your hands – we’re only one call away!